About Us

Investment and expertise at the right time

InSynchrony Ventures is a new breed of biotech investor that strongly believes in the concept of "smart money". We’ve combined InSynchrony’s capital with the proven expertise of InSymbiosis (a collaborative drug development company that was previously established by one of the founders of InSynchrony) to deliver a unique investment formulation. Furthermore, we focus on the earlier phases of development where most of the funding challenges exist. We believe that providing the capital and expertise at this crucial moment is key to allowing new inventions and technologies to show their true potential.

Our Focus

A Passion for Novel Therapeutics

InSynchrony Ventures’ interests and expertise lie in early stage therapeutics development. Therefore, from an investment perspective, we are most interested in therapeutic companies whose programs are between preclinical and early clinical stages. We are therapeutically agnostic and typically require that the company has the following profile:

  • A drug asset no earlier than 6-18 months away from nominating a candidate ready to enter IND enabling toxicology studies
  • Experienced management team
  • Strong IP coverage
  • Robust development plan
  • Competitive advantage
  • A clear and strategic exit plan

To Submit a Project

To begin the discussion, please submit a non-confidential presentation and/or executive summary for review.

    Files accepted .PDF .XLSX .PPT or .DOCX



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