Cetya Therapeutics receives technology transfer grant for potential sickle cell treatment

Colorado-based Cetya Therapeutics (“Cetya”) is part of InSynchrony Ventures’ investment portfolio and we are excited to share that they were recently awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant of $240,000. This grant will act to further the reach of Cetya’s $220,000 funding round, led by InSynchrony Ventures and finalized in May 2017. Dean Wenham, the CEO of InSynchrony Ventures, serves on Cetya’s board of directors and believes this grant will be key to developing this innovative class of drugs.

The STTR grant focuses on funding one of Cetya’s technologies as a potential preventative treatment for sickle cell disease. Promising early data suggests this technology may specifically upregulate fetal hemoglobin. Fetal hemoglobin varies significantly from the altered form found in those with sickle cell disease, and even small increases in fetal hemoglobin have been found to provide a lifetime decrease in the symptoms of the disease. Cetya may be able to develop a potential preventative treatment for this painful, chronic, and common genetic illness.

With the funds from this STTR grant, Cetya and their research partners at Boston University and Colorado State University will analyze the effects of this unique technology on cells taken from sickle cell patients. In conjunction with the “smart funding” provided by InSynchrony ventures earlier this year, Cetya is poised to perform the necessary research to bring their innovative preventative treatment for sickle cell disease to the pipeline as well as further their HDAC program in their lead program for oncology.