InSynchrony Ventures joins High-Tech Gründerfonds in the seed financing of Atriva Therapeutics

We announced our participation in the seed financing of Atriva Therapeutics back in July and are delighted to draw your attention to a news release from the co-lead investor High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF).

Atriva was founded in 2015 by a leading team of viral research scientists in Tübingen, Germany to repurpose MEK inhibitors as potential anti-viral drugs. Their lead product, ATR-002, is an optimized MEK inhibitor to treat acute influenza in high-risk patients. It’s on a fast-track development plan, and has just passed a major preclinical milestone confirming the drug as a clinical candidate. This financing will give ATR-002 the fuel needed to reach clinical proof of concept by late 2019, and marks the first of Atriva’s innovative medicines to reach clinical development.

We at InSynchrony Ventures are excited to be part of this breakthrough program and we will keep you updated as the program advances.

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