Belgium authorities approve study for Atriva

We recently announced the closing of Atriva’s series A financing which was needed to support the first-in-humans study. There is already more good news to share about this successful company; as the Belgium authorities have approved that study! The first patient is anticipated next month.

Since the beginnings back in 2015, the team of viral researchers based in Germany have progressed efficiently through research and preclinical development to be able to start clinical trials in 2019.

Their MEK inhibitor has the potential to become a resistance-avoiding influenza therapy. According to the CDC, 8% of the U.S population gets symptomatic influenza each season on average. In addition, there is a seemingly never-ending resistance that develops as new viral strains infect patients every season. By targeting a common pathway such as MEK, Atriva is hoping to get past this particular obstacle.

As always, InSynchrony Ventures is delighted to continue supporting the development of this novel and broadly active therapy.

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